Pre-order your Cocoa Therapy Nordic chalet advent calendar, filled with a selection of current seaonal and classic flavours. Calendars will contain an assortment of milk, dark, white and blonde chocolates, filled with all our favourite caramels, ganaches and pate de fruits.. alongside nuts/gluten/alcohol... the whole kit and kaboodle! Will you be one of the few who manage to make it last til Christmas??! If you are ordering other products for postage, please do this as a separate transaction, not all in one.... or you'll get it all together in November!

Pre-ordered calendars will be available for collection from Friday 26th November upon production of your purchase confirmation (either a screenshot or a printout is fine...we'll have a record too..) or if selected, will be posted out FROM Friday 26th November.

Luxury Nordic Advent Calendar **PRE-ORDER**