A selection of 6 of our current range of bonbons. Flavours, shapes and styles updated regularly. Will include a milk/white/dark/blonde chocolate alongside nuts/gluten/alcohol... the whole kit and kaboodle! All boxes are based on current stock levels, we’d love to meet everyone’s preferences but please note they can’t be guaranteed.


*Contains the following allergens - Milk, Soya, Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pistachios), Gluten.


**Please note. In order to reduce our plastic consumption, we have opted to use beautiful reusable boxes made from cardboard. They incude a small paper cup to hold the bonbons in place and a protective pad over the top of them. The bonbons may dance around a little bit within their cavity in transit (especially when going through the postal system) which is unfortunately beyond our control.


Please consider that visiting us in the shop is always the best option if possible (especially for the 36 piece box)... plus we reaaaally like to see your lovely faces!

6 Piece Assortment