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  • How long will my chocolates last?
    As all of our products are freshly made, we strongly advise enjoying your chocolates as soon as possible. However, if you're one of these wondrous people that can resist the temptation to inhale the lot, your little bounty will last for up to 4 weeks stored sensibly. (unless labelled otherwise.)
  • How do I store my goodies?
    DO NOT PUT YOUR CHOCOLATE IN THE FRIDGE. Chocolates are best kept boxed, in a cool environment (roughly 17 degrees) and of course out of direct sunlight. Unless you particularly want a puddle of chocolate.
  • Are your chocolates gluten/dairy/sugar/nut free?
    In short. No. All of our chocolates are produced in an environment where gluten/dairy/sugar and nuts are all present. We are extremely careful to not cross contaminate, however, we must advise you that they are in the same room. Of course, when preparing a specialist range, we ensure that none of the specified allergens are open and all surfaces have been thoroughly cleasned.
  • Do you make Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy Free treats?
    Yes. Specialist chocolates are labelled accordingly and are prepared completely separately to regular chocolates. We must, however, advise as before, that where utmost care is taken to prevent cross contamination, Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy Free products ARE prepared in the same kitchen as standard products.
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